Welcome to the all new Ivy City Co! We are so happy to have you. 
When we set out on this journey a few years ago we had one goal in mind --- to curate a special place for women to find truly AMAZING products that make them feel inspired and confident. We want to help women find their best selves. When we first began this adventure we took the route of wholesale -- spending hours at markets hunting for the perfect pieces (we are picky!). This routine worked for a while but as time went on we started noticing some trends. The quality of wholesale products was diminishing and everyone started competing with one another resulting in a lot of very similar styles, no longer the unique pieces we were hoping for. This led us to a crossroads... do we keep finding products at market that we aren't 100% excited about? Do we quit? Or... do we take the road less traveled and create our own designs through the manufacturing process. 
Low and behold, here we are! After over a year of hard work to track down the best seamstresses, fabrics and experts out there, we give you Ivy City Co 2.0! Every new product you find on our site is completely our own original art. Designed by three women here in Salt Lake City Utah for women and minis all around the world.
That's right, 3! We (Tasha and Whit) are pleased to announce the newest member of our Ivy family, Madeline Becker Hamilton - Marketing Guru, People Lover and Dress Fanatic. 
Together the three of us vow to always offer dresses we each personally love to wear.  Thanks for being a part of this adventure. We can't wait for what's to come.
Whit, Tash and Madeline