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Family Photo Color Schemes

Family Photo Color Schemes

Family pictures are often considered 'the best of times and the worst of times.' Finding matching outfits for the entire family can be tricky and overwhelming. We get it and we're here to help! We put together a few of our favorite color schemes for family photos and dresses to match! Sit back, relax, & let us perfectly plan out your upcoming family photos. 

 Palette #1 - Totally Twinning in Neutrals 

A neutral color scheme is always a winner. Everyone is happy and mom gets the photo she has been dreaming of. This color scheme is purely made up of neutrals with a slight pop of green with our Ariel dress. The Madeline in Blue romper also adds a touch of blue to this mix of minimalistic magic!

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 Palette #2 - Coordinating in Cool Colors

 Now picture this, your family, dressed in these cool tones, taking photos on the beach. Did someone say picture perfect?! A mixture of blues, greens, and purples is simply a recipe for beautiful photos. We also added in our Dahlia in White Dress because you can never go wrong with adding a white dress to a mixture of blues. Everyone is going to be talking about your family's Christmas card this year!

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 Palette #3 - Matching in Magenta

This color palette screams fun! This mix would be great for a photo shoot in downtown or even in a studio. Your family will be looking like the most stylish family to ever walk the city's streets. This palette mainly consists of white details along with some slight pops of color, brought in by the purple tie dye and tiny pink flowers. Yes please!

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 Palette #4 - Pairing in Purple Tones  

We're envisioning a girl family beautifully dressed in these purple hues snapping photos in an orchard. Do you see the vision?! We added some of our favorite purple and pink styles to the mix along with white to balance out the brighter colors. The Bianca Set is the finishing touch on this perfect color palette. It slightly brings in our pink tones, while also bringing in white to tie in the neutral aspects. Did someone say breathtaking?!   
With this guide, your family photos are set to be perfection! We love seeing Ivy in your family photos so make sure to share your pictures with us using #IvyOnYou. XOXO, Ivy City Co.