6 Years of Memories - Ivy City Co

6 Years of Memories

Memories From the Best Six Years

Ivy City Co turns six! The past six years have been nothing short of a dream come true! We have imagined and created hundreds of dresses in the hopes of helping women see how beautiful they truly are. We've experienced countless ups and downs, but we're going to highlight a few of our favorite moments from the past six years. 


1. Dreams Turned Reality. 

On a May morning in 2015, we decided to start chasing our dreams and Ivy City Co was born. Never in a million years did we think that it would become what it is today, but we feel so beyond blessed. Tash had the brilliant idea to start a clothing company and called up her childhood bestie, Whit, so they could help women feel beautiful together. Ivy City Co began with selling clothes, beanies, leggings, you name it! Later down the road they took a leap of faith and started designing & selling their own dresses. 
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2. Making Matching With Your 'Mini-Me' Possible

Who's to say that our littles can't wear beautiful dresses too?! We are convinced that fate led us in September 2018 to launch our first 'Mom & Me' line. We knew that little girls love to play dress up and secretly so do moms! Putting on a new dress makes you feel like a you can rule the world! We wanted women AND their girls to experience that feeling together. It took off and we discovered that you really are never too old for playing dress up. 

3. Moving Forward With Madeline

The stars truly aligned when we met the one and only Madeline Becker Hamilton at a bunco game night. Who knew?! Between Whit & Tash we had the style and the smarts to create the Ivy City, but we needed a marketing guru who could spread the good word. We struck PURE gold when we found Mads & we feel like the three of us were made for Ivy City Co. We have been chasing the dream together ever since! 

4. Making Memories at the Magonlia Market

Now THIS is what dreams are made of. *Insert Hilary Duff Song*. If you would've told us 6 years ago that OUR brand Ivy City Co would be at the Magonlia Market, we would've called you crazy! This was a dream come true! This experience consisted of countless late nights, Diet Coke runs, early mornings, blood, sweat, and tears, but we made it and it was the experience of a lifetime. Did we mention that Joanna Gaines wore our Capri Dress by chance? Because that happened. 



5. Finding a New Home for Ivy City

In October 2019, as Ivy City Co kept thriving, we took a big-girl-step and moved it out of our basements and into our very own warehouse. The little details made this warehouse into a warehome through the pink velvet couch, the never-empty dress racks, the borrowed roller skates, and our Ivy Team that feels more like family. It's crazy to think that now we have outgrown this space, which seemed so huge at the time, and are about to switch into an even bigger warehouse in July! Time flies when you're having fun!


6. The Warehouse Sale of Our Dreams

We love our Ivy League more than words can describe. Since our business is purely online we go weak at the knees for any opportunity to meet face-to-face with members of our Ivy League.  The warehouse sale was a favorite memory for us because connecting with the hearts behind the online orders was truly a dream come true. Now we've turned it into an annual event and we count down the days until January. 


7. Falling in Love With the Lovers Launch 2020

February 2020 was a monumental month for the Ivy Family. We launched what would become our best-selling dress line of the year. Our Lovers Launch was the most feminine and frilly of them all. If you know us, you know we are obsessed with all things girly and fun. We poured our whole hearts & souls into this line and it paid off. Our Ivy League fell in love with the Lovers Launch and so did we! 


8. Dancing Through the Details With The Lindsay Arnold Collection 

At Ivy City Co we are all about helping women feel empowered and beautiful. We were dying to do a collab with someone who wanted to do the same. We had watched Lindsay Arnold on Dancing with the Stars for years and loved everything that she personally stands for. She is such a strong role model for women to look up to and when we got the offer to collab with her in April 2021, we totally jumped at the opportunity! She was the perfect fit for a dreamy partnership, and we created magic in every dress in her collection!   


9. Ivy City Co's 6th Birthday

When we say the past six years have been the best six years, we mean it! Our Ivy League means the world to us & we wouldn't be where we are today without each of you! We can't wait to keep dreaming for the next 60 years!

There are few things that we love more than seeing our Ivy League looking stunning in our dresses! Make our day by sharing your photos us using #IvyOnYou. We love you! 
XOXO, Ivy City Co