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Best Dresses of 2021

Our Best Dresses of 2021

2021 was our most fabulous year yet! We introduced new products, moved into a new Ivy HQ, grew our Ivy team, and created so many new styles for you to enjoy for years to come! We wanted to highlight our best selling dresses of 2021! 

1. The Madeline Dress

This dress is an absolute Ivy classic! This smocked bodice silhouette was one that our Ivy Fam was absolutely obsessed with! After seeing the love this dress received, we recreated it so many times this year!

 2. The Starry Nights Dress

This dress is about as dreamy as they come! Our Starry Night dress was a best seller multiple restocks in a row! This dress is the classic Madeline Silhouette in a deep blue color, giving it a touch of sparkle with the gold star detailing. 

3.  The Madeline in Pink Dress

This dress absolutely changed the game! Our favorite Madeline Dress made a stunning comeback, but in a baby pink color! Having our Madeline dress in pink and blue made it the perfect gender reveal dresses. It was so much fun seeing our Ivy League thrive in both colors of our Madeline dresses!


  4. The Midsummer Nights Dress

This dress is an absolute show stopper! This dress is a twist on our beloved Starry Nights dress. The white color made it the ideal light summer dress. We saw this dress in countless engagement shoots, wedding getaway photos, graduation photos, and so much more!

5. The Amber Floral Dress

This dress was the fall dress of our dreams! This style was in collaboration with Little Poppy Co and was an absolute highlight of our 2021. We loved seeing our Ivy babes rocking this dress along with matching accessories! 



 6. The Cordelia Floral Dress

We introduced a brand new silhouette with this style and our Ivy League absolutely adored it! The high neck aspect of this dress added an extra touch of sophistication that was loved by all. 



 7. The Whimsical Dress

Oh the Whimsical Dress, where do I even begin? This dress opened the door to a whole new style of Ivy dresses. The tulle skirt was a dreamy new touch to the Ivy world and has changed the game. We can’t wait to bring this dress back in 2022 and maybe in some new colors too!


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 8. The Verona Dress

The Verona Dress is an absolute dream. After seeing how successful our Sicily Dress was, we decided that we had to recreate it. We created that same dress, but with a slightly different floral embroidery. Our Ivy League welcomed the Verona Dress with open arms and it was adored by all. 



9. The Maria Floral Dress

Fall 2021 was a month for the books, thanks to the Maria Floral Dress. We added a simple floral pattern to our classic Demi silhouette and the Maria Floral Dress was born. This dress is the perfect fall dress and we loved seeing our Ivy League love it!


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10. The Cotton Candy Dress

The Cotton Candy Dress is the most magical dress and our Ivy League totally agreed! We saw this dress paired with gender reveal confetti cannons countless times and we were obsessed!   


2021 was our best year yet! We can't wait to see what 2022 has in store for us here at Ivy! If you think that we should bring back one of these best selling styles, comment on our Instagram to let us know! Thanks for your endless support! XOXO, Ivy City Co.