2022 Summer Trends Forecast - Ivy City Co

2022 Summer Trends Forecast

Here at Ivy HQ we've been dreaming up the best summer dresses just for you! We've been watching the trends in fashion magazines, stylish influencers, on social media platforms and we've narrowed down three trends that we're predicting will make an appearance this summer of 2022! Buckle up! These are AMAZING!

Fabulous Florals 

Floral is in and here to stay, more specifically vintage floral! We've been seeing that the exact vintage floral prints you once saw all around your grandparent's house is back in style! (You know what we're talking about) Whether that be wallpaper, cosmetic bags, bedspreads, or dresses; Floral print is the trend right now! We wanted to bring this vintage-like floral print in our dresses so you can be in style.

Shop Fabulous Florals HERE:

Samantha Dress | Rae Dress in Yellow Floral | Sweet Posie Dress in Pink

Bright Colors

In my personal opinion, BRIGHT COLORS FOREVER! They scream summer, happiness, and all things fun. Just like you! Right now bright orange and green are all the rage. You'll be the absolute center of attention in these bright colored dresses.

Shop Bright Colors HERE:

Allie Floral Dress in Red | Mia Gingham Dress | Madeline Dress in Sorbet

Cottagecore Classics

Cottagecore is an absolute staple right now. Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside. It celebrates a lifestyle based in traditional skills—like baking bread, gardening, and sewing your own clothes. If you can imagine running through the countryside singing in your dress, then consider it cottagecore. These dresses fit perfectly into this aesthetic and you'll be right on trend in them! 

Shop Cottagecore Classics HERE:

Jolie Dress | Madeline Dress in Sorbet | Betty Dress


We're excited to see which trends you love, and how you style these pieces for this summer and beyond. We hope that you love these styles as much as we loved designing them! Get ready to be the most trendy gal around town! Share your Ivy looks by tagging us on IG @ivycityco or using #ivyonyou