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10 DIY Halloween Costumes

October came and went in the blink of an eye! If Halloween snuck up on you and you're scrambling to find an outfit, don't worry - we've got you covered with 10 ideas using our dresses and a few accessories. Just dig in to your Ivy City Co collection and quickly transform your favorite dress into an adorable costume!


There's no one more iconic than Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek! To recreate her look go for the Starling Dress and pair it with some of her staple accessories: funky tights, a furry coat, sparkly heels, and big sunglasses. Finish off the costume with an oversized bag filled with wigs and you're set!



Go for a princess feel with this Beauty and the Beast costume! Recreate Belle's look with the Luna Dress, and pair it with some brown flats, a white apron, and a woven basket! You can even add a vintage book to your look for the perfect photo.



Here comes the bride! Pair the Sicily Dress in Champagne with some sparkly heels, and add a veil and some faux flowers to complete the look. This outfit is easy, looks adorable, and makes for the perfect couples' costume!



You can never go wrong with a classic Minnie Mouse costume! Take your First Kiss Dress in Red and add black shoes, white gloves, and some ears! Don't forget the makeup - use black eyeliner for the nose, add extra blush, and finish it off with some red lipstick!



If you're one of the 64 million people who watched Tiger King, this one's for you! Transform into Carol Baskin, one of the year's most infamous people, with your Anna Dress in Leopard, some boots, and a flower crown. This look makes for hilarious photos - bonus points if you do a couple's costume with Joe Exotic!



Morticia Addams is the queen of all things spooky! For her look, opt for the Amaya Dress and pair it with black lace tights, black heels, and black jewelry. For a fun photo op grab a red rose and some scissors and strike a pose. We love this outfit for a family costume!



For an adorable and effortless costume, recreate this deer look! Wear the Penny Sweater Dress and pair it with some brown boots. Add some twigs to your hair for antlers and bring it all together with fawn inspired makeup (click here for a tutorial)!



It doesn't get sweeter than cotton candy! This fun costume is super easy and fun. Wear the Lovers Dress and pair it with pink shoes. For the headpiece grab some white carstock or paper and create a cone shape, then tape or staple it together. Wrap some pink ribbon around the base and you're all set! Finish the look with some bold pink lipstick.


The Mystery Inc. gang is a perfect Halloween costume every year. Dress up as Daphne with our Stella Dress and some tall boots. Bring the look to life with her signature headband and green scarf. This is another awesome couples' or group costume - how fun would it be to dress your pup like Scooby?



Get funky with this Disco Queen costume! Pair our stunning Alpine Jumpsuit with some oversized sunglasses and a flower crown! Finish the look off with some fun accessories like a karaoke microphone and some roller-skates (or opt for platform shoes if you're not the skating type)!


This time of the year is full of fun! We can't wait to see our Ivy League all dressed up for Halloween. We hope these ideas inspire you to use your Ivy City dresses and transform them into fun and cute costumes. If you recreate any of them, make sure you tag us on Instagram!