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A Love that Lasts

A Love that Lasts 

Wedding season is here & we're ready for it! If you're in need of a dress for any wedding event, you've came to the right place! We asked the three Ivy Wives to share all about their love stories of how they met their husbands to celebrate! We're also sharing our favorite dress picks for wedding guests, bridesmaids, or the bride herself! I can hear the wedding bells now! 

Whitney + Mike

Mike and I met back in high school! I worked with Mike's older brother at Discover Card and was told he had a younger brother my same age, but at a different high school. You know how high school goes, and parties tend to mix between schools. We eventually ended up at the same house party and I went up to him because I immediately recognized who he was, as he looked just like his older brother who I worked with. Our friend groups hit it off, and we started hanging out quite a bit. We realized we liked to be around one another, but neither of us were interested in anything serious. We went on a few dates though. On our first official date, he took me up to Ensign Peak on a hike (he knew my passion for hiking even back then), and we went and got yummy tacos after. We never kissed, but kept it pretty casual and just enjoyed hanging out together. This went on for a few years, we both went off to college after high school, and then Mike went on an LDS mission. I said "see you in a few years" and we didn't keep in touch while he was gone. Fast forward 2 years and my friends and I attended his homecoming from his mission to Atlanta, Georgia. Sparks immediately flew (for me at least) seeing him home and I remember leaving his homecoming telling my friends " he is the one, I am going to go for it". He got my number at his homecoming and text me a few days later. I was already hanging out with his friends who were already home from their missions, so it was easy to just get right back into all hanging out together again. 2 weeks later we all went to Lake Powell together with a bunch of friends, and there feelings became real and we ended up really dating. We dated seriously for a little over a year and then got married!

Madeline + Conley

Ready for the fast version? Fate, destiny, divine intervention... whatever you may call it that's the theme of our story. After growing up and finishing college in Texas I was hit with a strong feeling that I was needed somewhere else. I had ZERO clue what the meant or where I belonged but to be honest I was in a challenging depression and ready for a "restart" at life. An old friend offered me a free stay at their home in Utah for a summer and I said yes with no hesitation. Maybe this was my chance to really find myself.

Fast forward 3 months and that magical summer was quickly ending. I prayed for a sign or some sort of direction as to where I was needed next. I prayed for good friends and leaders in my life to help me get on a better path. The literal next day I met my husband. Well more like I saw him from across a room and even journaled about the "cute guy with cool boots". I kicked myself for not talking to him but lucky for me I ran into him again 2 days later at a campfire and the rest is history. Turns out he had been asking around trying to figure out who I was, too.

4 years of dating and almost 5 years of marriage later we have the best memories behind us and a hopeful future head with our little girl.

Tash + Bridger 

I had just broken up with a long-time boyfriend and moved to Provo, Utah to live with friends and meet new people.
The same month I had moved down to Provo I went to a party at the apartment complex “King Henry”. We had a great time left and was headed home with my girlfriends to our apartment. This big black truck stopped as I was about to cross the street me rolled down his window and the cute blonde guy driving the truck said, “Hey ladies where you going?!” I must’ve been feeling really spontaneous that night because I replied “in the back your truck!" Haha! So me and my girlfriends jumped in the back of the his truck with him & his friends and headed around Provo. We ended up at their apartment where we hung out and had lots of fun. That night after I left, Bridger told his friends that he called me dibs on me. And so the love story began. The rest is history. 



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We loved sharing our love stories with y'all! The love stories continue each day as we create Ivy dresses from the heart! If an Ivy City Co dress makes an appearance at your wedding, don't forget to share with us by using #IvyOnYou.