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Outfits for Fall Family Photos

Outfits for Fall Family Photos

Fall is here and we're ready for it! You've got family photos on the calendar already, but the thought of planning coordinating outfits is lingering in your head. Trust me, we've been there too. Read more to see the picture perfect coordinating outfits that we've dreamt up, just for you!


The two best things about fall are pumpkin flavored everything and fall fashion. We couldn't be more excited about our newest fall dresses. Along with all of the fall festivities comes fall family photos. 

Planning all the different outfits for photos can be stressful & tricky. We wanted to take away the potential stress of it all, so you can more fully enjoy this fall season. While we always recommend buying the matching dress with your mini, we came up with a few fall coordinating dress pairs for you and your mini! 3...2...1...ACTION!

Geneva & Maggie

 This gorgeous pair of dresses is for a fancier fall photo. This could be absolutely stunning with a large field as your backdrop to make the fall colors of the dresses pop. Western touches are all the rage these days and we're here for it! The Geneva Dress with some cream cowgirl boots could be incredible. Either dress paired with a cream wide brim hat could be iconic! 

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Aniston & Brooklyn


These two dresses together is giving more of a rustic feel. These could be absolutely picture perfect shot at a cabin or barn. Imagine it! I would leave those family photos up on my wall forever more! In the photo, Rosie has the Mini Brooklyn in Spice dress paired with some brown cowgirl boots that we're obsessed with! Style these dresses however you feel & it'll be perfection!

Shop Aniston in Cream | Shop Mini Brooklyn in Spice

Viola & Haley

For our gals who love the cooler toned colors. These blues, grays, & purples are absolutely gorgeous! They can match with almost any background for your fall photos. They could be gorgeous with a fall city shoot or in a gorgeous forest. If you're looking for accessories, both dresses could be darling with a black thick headband & some basic shoes. Did someone say picture perfect? 

Shop Viola Dress | Shop Mini Haley Dress

Gisele + Arianna

The floral print of our Gisele dress is beyond! It is so stunning! It helps make mom the center of the photo, as it should be! ;) Her cute little sidekick will be looking darling in her simple cream Arianna Jumpsuit. Again this pair would look so striking in a large field or in a pasture. It's up to you!

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We can't wait to see how these stunning family photos turn out! Don't forget to share your Ivy looks by tagging us on IG @ivycityco or using #ivyonyou