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50 Ways to Show Your Love

50 Ways to Show Your Love 

As the month of love wraps up, we're reminded that expressing love is not only for the month of February- it's a timeless gesture that deserves to be celebrated every day! Whether it's a romantic partner, a cherished friend, a family member, or even a furry companion, there are countless ways to show your affection & appreciation.To keep the spirit of love alive throughout the year, we've compiled a list of 50 heartwarming ways to express your love in simple, yet meaningful, ways. From small gestures to grand acts of kindness, these ideas will inspire you to spread love & warmth to those who matter most in your life. What's our favorite way to show our love? With a new dress of course! 

50 ways to show your love

  1. Slip a love note in their work bag or briefcase
  2. Create a handmade gift for them
  3. Arrange a surprise romantic date
  4. Spend the afternoon serving others together
  5. Listen attentively to their words
  6. Enjoy a evening walk together
  7. Play a card game together
  8. Collaborate in cooking/baking something delicious together
  9. Help them with whatever they need to get extra sleep when they're tired
  10. Surprise them with a DoorDash lunch at work
  11. Reflect on their day together: "What were your highs & lows?"
  12. Embrace them with an 8 second hug
  13. Take a relaxing break together
  14. Discover their favorites & surprise them with something special
  15. Show genuine interest in their passions & hobbies
  16. Present them with a framed photo of you together
  17. Indulge in their favorite dinner at home
  18. Plan an outdoor picnic together
  19. Tackle a dreaded project of theirs
  20. Make them laugh with a good joke! Keep things fun!
  21. Surprise them with a new book that they've been eyeing
  22. Be their rock during tough times, offering a shoulder to cry on
  23. Express heartfelt compliments
  24. Embark on a romantic getaway
  25. Discuss plans for the upcoming weekend
  26. Leave a sweet message on the mirror for them to find
  27. Arrange a weekend staycation at a local hotel
  28. Walk down memory lane together looking at old photos
  29. Share dreams & aspirations for the future
  30. Ensure their car is ready for the week by filling up the gas tank
  31. Leave love notes for them to discover around the house
  32. Acknowledge & appreciate their positive traits
  33. Witness the beauty of a sunrise together
  34. Send a quick "thinking of you" text
  35. Pray for them
  36. Prepare a yummy breakfast together on the weekend
  37. Dance the night away together
  38. Surprise them with their favorite treat
  39. Support their interests by volunteering to help
  40. Offer assistance with errands
  41. Inquire about their needs: "What can I do for you?"
  42. Imagine the future together, sharing hopes and dreams
  43. Express gratitude for their presence and efforts
  44. Cherish shared moments & create lasting memories
  45. Let them choose the movie for a cozy night in
  46. Go visit a local museum together
  47. Buy tickets to their favorite concert
  48. Surprise them with flowers 
  49.  Let them choose where you go out to dinner
  50. Surprise them with a NEW DRESS!!
We hope you loved these magical ideas! Cheers to spreading love & happiness to everyone! Whether you're treating yourself or someone you love to a new dress just to show how much you care, our new spring styles are for you!

There you have it, lovers! With these 50 ways to show your love, let's carry the spirit of love month with us every day, making every moment an opportunity to show our love & appreciation for the special people in our lives.