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  • JUlia

    Best customer service for an online clothing company! Responsive, nice, and insure customer satisfaction. I love everything I buy from thi store and have turned a lot of people onto this gem :)

  • Karli Bosler

    I’m so happy with my purchases here! I ordered a flowery dress and it fits JUST the way I wanted it to—I even wore it at the end of my wedding reception! It’s my husband’s favorite dress on me ;) thank you for great product and quality, for a great price.

  • Lohren Nolan

    LOVE Ivy City so much! They have the cutest style at such an affordable price!!

  • Tori

    This is a great place to buy cute shoes and clothes! I was able to pick up my order when I was in the area and wanted it that day. Great customer service and the whole atmosphere of this ship is fun and uplifting. I have bought many items from here and will continue!

  • Devani

    My order came so fast and everything was so easy and quick! Super cute clothes for good price! Love this site!

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