Welcome to our little world of believing in dreams and celebrating the magic around us. We are so happy to have you here.

 Ivy City Co is for you 
Our promise is to always put our best foot forward in making special pieces that take away stress in a world that can't always be accommodating to help you feel confident in what you are wearing so you can focus on what truly matters -- the PEOPLE around you. Because they and YOU are worth celebrating. We just happen to believe that dresses make that celebration a bit more fun.
When we think about some of the most meaningful and precious moments that life can offer, we realized there was a recurring theme... From weddings to parties, family pictures to school dances, interviews, first-dates, award ceremonies, a girls night-out, performances, maternity photos, graduation days, baby blessings, and beyond... these special moments often come along with the experience of choosing and wearing a dress. What a curious and wonderful thing! Dresses have made their way through history taking different shapes and helping women celebrate special life moments with confidence and joy.  We are here to continue this legacy by creating dresses for the women of today and tomorrow.

Established in 2015
When we set out on this journey a few years ago we had one goal in mind: to curate a special place for women to find truly AMAZING products that help them feel inspired and confident. When we first began this adventure, we took the route of wholesale. We spent hours at markets hunting for the perfect pieces (we are picky!) This routine worked for a while, but as time went on we began to notice some trends. The quality of wholesale products was diminishing and clothing shops started competing with each other, resulting in a lot of very similar styles that were no longer the unique pieces we were hoping for. This led us to a crossroads; do we keep finding products at market that we aren't 100% excited about? Do we quit? Or... do we take the road less traveled and create our own designs through the manufacturing process (which sounded so big and scary!)
 After about a year of searching, sample making, fabric hunting, and a lot of failures we had something we felt proud of and couldn't wait to share with the world. 
 And so began the renaissance of Ivy City Co in 2018. We parted ways with our old wholesale pieces and rededicated our business in the name of dresses. Every new product you find on our site is completely our own original art. Designed by three women here in Salt Lake City, Utah for women and minis all around the world.
Together, the three of us vow to only offer dresses we each personally love to wear.  Thanks for being a part of this adventure. We can't wait for what's to come.
A Little About Us 



Whit, Tash and Madeline