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Tips + Tricks for the PERFECT Family Photo!

Tips + Tricks for the PERFECT Family Photo

Fall has made her debut which means... FAMILY PHOTOS! Let's get ready to bring out the bows, twirl-worthy dresses, & your brightest smiles! Capturing the perfect family photo isn't the easiest of tasks, trust us, we know! We chatted with a couple of our favorite photographers to unveil their best-kept secrets for capturing the most darling family moments. Grab your little ones & let's paint the town with laughter + love, one click at a time!

1. Prepping for Camera-Ready Littles

With our little ones, it's all about setting the stage. Give them a heads up a few days in advance so they know what to expect! It's also important to get them excited so they'll be looking forward to this adventure that is family photos!

2. Finding the Perfect Pairing Pieces

At Ivy City Co, we make matching outfits extremely easy with matching styles for the WHOLE family! If you're wanting a complete matching moment make sure to check out our Madeline in Navy Plaid styles + our Gracie in Plaid styles! If 100% matching isn't your style, don't worry! It's easier than you think! A common color or theme is all you need. As long as everyone has at least one color in common you'll be good to go! Don't be afraid of patterns! When snapping the shot, the patterned styles can breaks up the solids! chef's kiss!

3. Let's Avoid Outfit Disasters!

Kids have an uncanny knack for finding every possible way to get messy! They're always finding the fun in everything, even if that is spilling their applesauce all over themselves! This can be easily avoided by dressing your little ones once you arrive to the photo location. This will guarantee to keep those adorable outfits picture perfect!

4. The Sweet Rewards for Camera-Ready Smiles

To get the sweetest of smiles, entice your little stars with a fabulous incentive. That could be getting their favorite treat on the way home or making cookies with mom, whatever they love! This will be the golden ticket to capturing those happy grins!

5. Pose Less, Play MORE!

Family photos are made to freeze the moment of having your littles this little! Let their personalities shine through, that's what you'll want to remember! Don't be afraid of a little bit of playful chaos during the shoot! Let them be kids. Embrace the candid moments & lower your expectations for picture-perfect posing.

6. It's Everyone's Turn to Shine, Including Parents!

Parents, remember that you're the stars of the show too! While the goal is to capture your littles in this stage of life, you also need to capture yourself at this stage of life! You too will never be this young again, eek! Ensure you get some moments captured without the little ones. This stage of your life deserves its own spotlight!



don't worry if you don't have your picture perfect outfits yet,

we have plenty to choose from! 


There you have it - the keys to unlocking the magic of family photos. Prepare to dazzle the camera with your fabulous crew & create memories that will warm your heart for years to come. Don't forget to tag us in your ivy family photos with the #ivyonyou