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The Heart Behind the Lani Dress

Let's Get to Know the Heart Behind the Lani Dress
We are so excited to present the Lani Dress! This marks one of our favorite launches in Ivy history!  Lani has been one of our most loving & devoted supporters from the beginning. We designed this new dress with her in mind and named it after her. We wanted everyone to get to know Lani a little better so you can understand the heart behind the Lani dress!
1. Tell us the story of how you found Ivy City Co? 
"I got married in New Zealand and moved to America with my husband who already lived here. I have always loved dresses. When I was moving  to a new country, it was hard to find my style. One day, I was scrolling on my Instagram and saw a maxi high low dress in the color kale. It was called the Cherry Blossom Dress. In this photo, Tash was modeling it & I just had to have it! From that first purchase I have stayed with Ivy City and watched it grow to what it is now."
2. Tell us a little bit about yourself! 


"My name is Lani Tauteoli. I am number 7 of 8 siblings! I was born and raised in New Zealand to amazing parents who I miss every single day. I came to America for a little vacation in 2015 & met my husband. We got married in New Zealand and then made the move to America. I'm a stay at home mom to two beautiful kids. My oldest is Aka and my youngest is Takai! Going to the beach and hanging out with my family is something that I love to do. I have an obsession with dresses that started in my teens and is still going strong now! One thing I am looking forward to is seeing my family in New Zealand again."
3. Why do you love Ivy City Co as much as you do? 


"First, I love Ivy City Co because of the beautiful mommy and me dresses that they create. Growing up, I always dreamed of having a daughter and wearing matching dresses with her. The quality of Ivy City dresses is why I keep buying them. Second, it’s the women and men behind the brand. Knowing that the owners take the time to talk with me and comment on my pictures is amazing to me. The employees always make my day, whether it’s through email or little notes left on my package. I will forever be grateful for these people for always going the extra mile to make my day a little brighter."
4. What is your favorite Ivy City Co dress? Why? 
"My favorite Ivy dress has always been the Santorini Dress. After my second child, it has always been hard to find a dress that I felt confident in. When I put the Santorini on, I felt beautiful! It gave me confidence that I never had. I have many favorites since then, but Santorini will always be my special dress."

5. Favorite quote?
“Be the one who fills the world with sunshine”
6. What does Ivy City Co mean to you? 
"Ivy City Co means family & friendship to me. They have created a community where I can connect with women from around the world who love dresses as much as I do. It has been fun to share ideas & styling tips. Being a stay at home mom, it's sometimes hard to make friends. But because of Ivy City, I am able to connect with women who have now become my good friends! Although I have not met any of them in person, I’m excited for when that day comes. IvyCon needs to happen soon!"
We hope you loved getting to know Lani as much as we did! Get ready because her dreamy dress launches March 3rd. Make sure to mark your calendar! We want to see you in your Lani dress, don't forget to share them with us by using #IvyOnYou.