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Self Care Essentials

The transition out of summer can be a stressful one - so taking care of yourself is essential! We’ve compiled our favorite self-care activities and the products we love to help us unwind. 

Pampering Your Skin: there’s something about doing a face mask that makes you feel like you’re in a fancy hotel spa - even if you’re hanging out in your living room watching The Notebook. We love this pack with 12 different masks with tons of different benefits - perfect to do with friends or family! Get it here // $9.99 

Lighting Candles: relaxing scents can make all the difference! Our all time favorite is the Volcano candle. The scent is fresh and soothing, and the jar will look so pretty in your home! Get it here // $49.99

Read a Good Book: taking time for yourself to sit in silence and dive into a great story is an amazing experience. Whether you’re reading a self-help book, a memoir, or a romantic novel, you’ll never regret taking the time to read! “I’ll Give You The Sun” is one of Madeline’s favorites! Get it here // $8.79

Take a Warm Bath: end your day with a warm bath and get the best sleep of your life! Bath bombs are the best way to take your baths to the next level, and we love these handcrafted box of 12 to share! Get it here // $26.80

Retail Therapy: if you ask us, shopping is the most fun form of self care. Getting a new dress in the mail is a mood booster, and putting that dress on will make you feel your best. Lucky for you, this is our specialty. If you need some retail therapy - you know where to find us! See our new arrivals here!

    We hope you’re inspired to take care of yourself today and every day because you deserve it!