Dress Care 101 - Ivy City Co

Dress Care 101

One of a kind dresses deserve special care, but it doesn’t have to be complicated - that’s why our amazing customer experience team gave us their best tips to easily look after your Ivy City Co pieces. Read on to learn how to make your dresses last! 

#1 Wash Cold 

Delicate fabrics do best when washed in cold water. They are less likely to shrink or fade, and you’ll get less wrinkles! Cold water washing also uses less energy, so it’s better for the environment - it’s a win-win all around!

#2 Air Dry 

Just hang your dress or jumpsuit to dry! This can prevent shrinking and make your pieces last longer over time. You can always throw it in the dryer later on for a quick fluff if you want your dress to be soft and warm! 

#3 Treat Stains 

Accidents are bound to happen. If you stain your dress, spot treat it with a stain remover pen as soon as possible. You can use a bleach pen on your white dresses! We love using Tide To-Go Pens. Get a 3-pack here // $6.97

#4 Steam 

The best way to get rid of wrinkles quickly is to use a hand-held steamer! Just fill it up with water, let it warm up, and hold it close to the fabric until the wrinkles are released. We love the portable ones that you can take while travelling. Get it here // $24.99

#5 Fold Them 

Some of our favorite Ivy City dresses like the Madeline, Sweet Caroline, and Midsummer Nights styles have elastic sleeves. These dresses should be folded rather than hung so that the weight of the dress doesn’t stretch out the sleeves! 

When In Doubt... 

Although these tips should work for most of our pieces, we always recommend reading the dress care label, which will have specific guidelines for each fabric type!
    Following these simple tips can help your Ivy City pieces stay in amazing condition for a really long time. We hope this basic guide comes in handy the next time you’re asking yourself how to care for your new dress!