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3 Easy Ivy Halloween Costumes

Who doesn't love a simple, cute, and comfy costumes for Halloween? Don't worry if Halloween snuck up on you this year, we've put together three easy costume ideas. They're not only easy, but their cute too because they all are using our favorite Ivy styles. It'll be scary how fast you put your costume together after these simple ideas! 

Costume #1: Teddy Bear 

Is the weather report telling you you're in for a chilly Halloween or are you on trick-or-treat duty with the kids? Add this cute & comfy brown bear face wash headband with our brand new Teddy Coat for a fast, warm, and cute teddy bear costume! And don't toss the headband into the Halloween storage bin--you can use it everyday to help you get ready for the day or get ready for bed!

Costume #2: Witch 


Everyone loves a classic witch costume. It's even better when it's easy & warm! Take the Tabitha Coat from chic to wicked with a cute black witch hat. The pockets are plenty deep to carry around your secret stash of sweets! 

Costume #3: Little Bo Peep 

Want an easy family costume idea? Say hello to Little Bo Peep and her sheep! The Gwen Dress is the perfect choice if you're looking to feel beautiful & comfortable all Halloween long. Plus the shepherd crook prop might come in handy while you're wrangling sugar-crazed littles all day! 




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