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15 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

15 Valentine's Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is this week! Here at Ivy City Co we're all about celebrating & all things pink! Valentine's Day might be our favorite holiday. Whether you have a significant other or a bestie, let's celebrate the ones you love! If you haven't made plans yet, don't worry! We've got you! We came up with 15 unique dates for all types of couples! We also found the perfect outift to match, Ivy approved of course!

1. Classic Dinner Date

This is the most classic Valentine’s Date, but it’s a winner! Head up to the big city & enjoy an evening of quality time with your love! When they ask if you want the dessert menu… the answer is YES!! It’s Valentine’s Day, treat yourself! 

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2. Timeless Movie Night
You can’t go wrong with a movie night either! Nothing sounds better than sitting & enjoying a new movie with popcorn and a large Diet Coke by your side! Jennifer Lopez just released a new movie called, "Marry Me" just in time for Valentine's Day!
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3. Reflexology Date
If you haven’t went to a reflexology lounge yet, this is your sign! We recently took our Ivy Team & it was dreamy! Find your rest & relaxation this Valentine’s Day. If you’re local to Utah, make sure to try out Fika Reflexology in Pleasant Grove. 
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4. Couple's Ski Day
My personal favorite! Whether you’re a skiing superstar or a newbie, a ski day is one of the most exciting dates! Afterwards you can enjoy a hot chocolate by the fire, picturesque! 
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5. Homemade Pizza Night + Movie
Take a cozy night at home to make classic homemade pizzas and watching your favorite movie. I recently discovered Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust, they're DELICIOUS! (I also recommend putting it in the air fryer for maximum yum!)
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6. NBA Basketball Game  
A fan favorite! Check & see if your local NBA team is playing. Whether you go for the food or the game, it’s sure to be a blast!
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7. Visit a Local Museum

Who doesn’t love a good museum date? I love the pop-up museums that visit different cities. If you’re local to Utah, there is currently a Van Gogh Museum in SLC & Valentines’ Day Museum in Provo!   

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8. Adventure to the Local Hot Pots
This is for our adventurous couples! If you’re local to Utah the Homestead Crater in Midway is a dream! You can enjoy your Valentine's Day by swimming the night away!
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9. Have a Couple's Photoshoot
Who says you can only take couple's photos when you're engaged?! Pretend you’re engaged again & take some photos! These pictures will be so much fun to look back on as the years come!
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10. Visit your Local Arcade 

Let’s take a trip back in time to the arcade days. You're never too old for a game night?! I promise it’s just as fun as you remember!

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11. Couple's Painting Night
For our creative couples! You can either find a local painting class to attend or do it yourself and find a YouTube video that can teach you!
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12. Go Swing Dancing

Dance the night away with your love! This is one of the most memorable dates! With swing dancing it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or new to the art, it’s fun for all! If you’re local to Utah, check out the Country Dancing in Provo!

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13. Couple's Massage
A massage day is always a winner! Sit back & relax with a soothing couple's massage. Take the stress out of Valentine’s Day & enjoy!
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14. Take a Day Trip to Another City

If you’re local to Utah, you can take a quick drive to Park City for the day to enjoy dinner & the scenery. If you’re not local, find a local city where you’ve never been & enjoy the day there! It’ll be a memory you’ll never forget!   

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15. Try a New Ice Cream Shop

There are so many yummy & new desert shops these days. We always end up going to the same shops over & over again, but let’s spice things up and try something new! One of our favorite ice cream shops right now is Handel’s, look & see if there’s one near you!

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