November 22, 2021


*1+ years experience required *must be in the salt lake area

25-40 hrs per week // pay based on experience
must be able to work at least 2 days a week in office (sandy, utah)

This role includes but is not limited to the following ---

- Oversee strategy and publishing for the Ivy City Pinterest, Facebook group, and Facebook page. Experience in running and growing accounts like these for brands is key.
- Explore strategy and the improvement of Ivy City Youtube, Linkedin and Tik Tok.
- Learn the Ivy City brand inside and out. Who we are as a company, what our brand image is, our brand styling (fonts, colors, voice) the product we create, our customers and their needs, etc.
- Manage all UGC storage and distribution
- Engage with the social media community responding to questions and comments
- Help stay on top of new social channel features
- Help brainstorm and bring to life non-launch related campaigns - project managing all the way through
- Research and present new ideas for marketing campaigns - if approved, integrate those strategies
- Oversee brand ambassador facebook page 
- Approve affiliate marketing accounts
- Be a positive force of representation to the Ivy City Co Brand. Bringing a go-getter, fun-having, uplifting mentality to the team and customers alike.
- Become familiar with all necessary tools and programs --- asana, shopify, share a sale, dropbox, google sheets, etc.
- Be a real team player, uplifting and encouraging your teammates, always being able to step in and help or make suggestions.
- Perform other roles and responsibilities within the company as needed. Since we are a small business there may be times where we need “all hands on deck” to do what needs to be done to create overall success! This could mean stepping in with customer service or being willing to help ship if the team gets behind, helping with culture initiatives like team parties, birthdays, and events, etc.


  • Relevant College Degree in Progress or Completed
  • Experience in fashion eCommerce industry is required
  • Experience with social media marketing is required
  • Some photo editing or graphic design skill is ideal
  • Existing knowledge and experience with Shopify, Slack,, Google Suite preferred but not required
  • Experience with copywriting
  • Strong communication and active listening skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills as well as the ability to multitask daily 


        Email  with the following information ---

        1. a copy of your resume

        2. Please include Social Media Coordinator in your email subject line.

        3. Ideal pay range